Why IdeaStar Technology?

Get your agents and associations online and doing business better, faster, and cheaper with IdeaStar insurance technology. Our Web-enabled insurance sales and administrative systems reduce the time, effort, and paperwork needed for each policy issued.

IdeaStar’s insurance technology offers many advantages for insurance carriers. Products and services including secure payment processing, complete back office integration, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, application processing with electronic signature and more make it easy to sell more and save big.

Whether you choose one or all of our customizable online systems, you can expect the following advantages, Reduced costs, Increased exposure and sales, Competitive advantage, Accurate applications and processing, Faster sales, Faster payment, Paperless transactions, Ease in communicating with customers, agents, and agencies, Efficient record keeping

Using IdeaStar’s reliable insurance technology is better because it offers automation of your existing sales and service processes, dramatically reducing paperwork and handling-costs while increasing accuracy; faster because Web-enabling your application process dramatically decreases the time for application acceptance and payment; and cheaper because IdeaStar offers a suite of front-end insurance technology products which can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your existing network, reducing development time and cost.

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